Now, for some profound happiness.

Thank God You’re Here.

You being YOU is just what the world needs now. Thank God you’re here, because the world would be incomplete without you.

You do YOU perfectly.

No one else on the planet can do YOU even remotely as well as you do.

Every experience of your life, every decision – good and bad – has led to the perfectly imperfect version of YOU who is here right now. The successes and loving relationships, of course. But even more so, the challenges and heartbreaks.

Your comebacks have always been stronger than your setbacks. 

The courage and strength you’ve developed overcoming life’s trials has led to an ever more perfect version of YOU. You’ve learned from each hurdle; and now have the wisdom to competently navigate similar challenges next time.

If your life today doesn’t feel brilliant to you then perhaps you have yet to discover the concepts and principles for accepting, acknowledging and expanding its degree of magnificence. There may be levels of inner peace, loving relationships, joyful living, and abundance that have hidden from you. Ways to eliminate stress, conquer your inner demons and deepen your self-love – thus evolving YOU as the Hero of your life story.

My vision is to encourage and inspire your inner Hero to emerge. To guide you to Upgrade Your Lifestyle – not once, but continually – to move you ever closer to a Steady State of Happiness. Where you become expert at being the absolute greatest expression of YOU.

Where you wake up every day feeling the excitement of life; and the day presents a multitude of satisfying and even delightful experiences. Where you navigate everyday stress with grace and ease. And while relaxing into a good night’s sleep, gratitude is top of mind for another magical day.

We all desire, expect and deserve happiness. Yet so few of us achieve it for more than a few minutes at a time. The truth – hiding in plain sight – is that in order to achieve a lasting state of happiness, one must adopt certain ideas, beliefs and behaviors. And then practice them regularly.

Concert pianist

It’s like achieving anything worthwhile. If one chooses to become a concert pianist, they study how to translate sheet music into fingering on the piano. They learn concepts of rhythm, and harmony, and musical theory. They memorize a piece, then practice and polish it every day. This is the only path to a virtuoso performance.

The same is true for achieving happiness. Without fundamental principles and practices that guide you to happiness you may find yourself stuck at something less than a 10 on a 0-10 happiness scale.

Whether you just want to quit suffering, or you aspire to a virtuoso performance of life – when you learn, practice and polish the proven principles of happiness like a concert pianist – a greater version of YOU will naturally evolve.

unsplash-logoRosie Kerr

Life as Art

If your life were a painting, how would it look?

How would you respond?

Let’s say you were to contract a debilitating illness or physical capacity limitation as a result of an auto accident, stroke or other sudden event. How would you respond? Would you adopt the attitude of a victor or a victim?

The worn-out common formula for happiness:

More happiness = More success = More money. 

You may have noticed – that formula leads us to striving, and stressing, and trying to achieve that which forever remains elusive.

If the common recipe for happiness were accurate, wouldn’t happiness reduce our stress rather than add to it? Wouldn’t we perceive greater happiness in the successful people all around us? And wouldn’t our personal success have yielded greater happiness by now?

Therein lies the problem. We’ve been misled. One of the fundamental tenets of society has led us to a dead end at the wrong end of the happiness spectrum.

“Hard work is not the path to well-being. Feeling good is the path to well-being.”

~ Abraham Hicks

Gracefully adapting to life in an economized society – rather than being dominated by it – allows us to more elegantly flow among life’s rhythms and realities, its trials and challenges. It allows us to craft a new and enhanced personal success formula more harmonized with happiness and contentedness; while reprogramming our way of being to eliminate stress and suffering.

I was dominated by society’s common success formula for many years. I found myself in a beautiful home beyond my means; new cars that were heavily financed; and a credit score where banks literally begged me to accept their credit cards. Even with a successful career it felt like I was in over my head financially. I’d wake up occasionally with night sweats. I was hell-bent on getting more money, more stuff, more acknowledgement from others of how successful I was. A string of ex’s demonstrated my inability to maintain an intimate relationship. Stress and suffering were my norm, and there seemed no way out if I wanted to be successful. Happiness wasn’t an objective that occurred to me – the best I could hope for was less daily stress and anxiety.

Around 2001 I began drawing upon the wisdom of numerous advanced teachers, and adopted some rather unorthodox practices that guided me into heightened states of happiness and greater coping skills to manage my stress. Years later, it has culminated in a better version of ME today than ever before. A masterpiece of a life that amazes me daily. (More about my journey in the About page).

In 2017, I became truly curious about how I arrived at this state. I started wondering, grounded in humility and gratitude, “What did I ever do to deserve this, to bring this about? How in the world did I ever arrive here?

When I reflected on those questions for weeks and months in-sights emerged about the way it had come about. I realized I had adopted a series of practices over the years to bring me to this joyful state of being. Perfect 20/20 hindsight confirmed that each of those practices was like a puzzle piece. Just as a jigsaw puzzle, a beautiful picture emerged once all the pieces were in place. I came to understand that I’d created a system for happiness based on a collection of timeless universal truths.

Along with revelation of the answers came the inner ambition to share my system with you – to guide you to the lifestyle of your dreams – whatever that may be for you. I set out to define my system in a body of work I call Upgrade Your Lifestyle. As my gift to you, you can obtain a free e-copy of Upgrade Your Lifestyle: 10 Keys to Unlock a Steady State of Happiness by leaving me your email address below. Or, you can buy it in paperback on Amazon.

Why upgrade your lifestyle?

Only you can answer that question for you.

Perhaps your life is overall pretty good. You have a deep appreciation of self – you know who you are, and you don’t put on situational facades. You’ve “done the work” to purge self-limiting messages from your subconscious mind. You’re free of grudges and don’t embody negative feelings. You’re grateful every day for the life you’ve created. You don’t take things personally, so your attitude is normally upbeat and optimistic. Your future’s so bright you gotta wear shades (apologies to Timbuk 3 for borrowing the title of their 1986 single).

If this is you, then you’re blessed. You may have already become the Hero of your life.

But maybe life feels a little sharp and prickly from time to time. Maybe you’ve been a bit frayed at the edges by reading the latest news, or viewing the negative comments on social media posts. Perhaps it seems hard to remain optimistic when you look at what’s happening in the world. There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it; and you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed. Possibly you feel you’re the only adult in the room; and you’re getting frustrated with all the drama around you.

If some of this sounds familiar, you may be stressed. You’re in good company. With the busy lives that most people lead today, it’s not easy to remain calm and centered. Most people, if they’re being objective, would find themselves in this group.

What if you feel like life is a burden? Like everything you ever learned about a successful lifestyle is no longer working? Perhaps you’ve been betrayed by friends or lovers; and you’ve given up  on relationships. Your job may be at risk; or perhaps you’ve been let go by your employer, and you’re drowning in debt. Perhaps you’ve served in a wartime military, and you’re having a hard time fitting in as a peacetime civilian. Maybe you’re struggling with one or several addictions; and they’re winning. You may find that your dominant emotions are anger and outrage that well up from deep within you. Life is growing ever more painful, and you’re wondering if it makes sense to go on with life.

If you connect with some of the examples here, you might be depressed. Chronic depression was rare one or two generations ago. But these days it’s way more common; and many people don’t know where to turn.

There are a many ingredients in the recipe for achieving a steady state of happiness. The key practices I’ve adopted from 20 years of workshops with advanced teachers, digesting hundreds of self-development books, investing over two thousand hours in self-empowerment groups, and facilitating emotional healing work for hundreds of men and women – have led to a fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle of fun, grace and ease.

Whether you’re blessed, stressed or depressed – the practices in this system will Upgrade Your Lifestyle – thus opening you up to profound happiness that exists deep within you; but perhaps it hasn’t bubbled up much lately.

It will:

  • Allow you to achieve greater fulfillment from your primary relationship, your friendships, and your career
  • Aid you in discovering the inner messages that are holding you back; and healing them
  • Show you new ways to deal with with negative or abusive people
  • Assist you in managing the effects of everyday stress
  • Enable you to minimize negative thoughts and suffering
  • Aid in achieving greater self-esteem and self-mastery
  • Show you how to gain greater access to insight and intuition, empathy and compassion
  • Empower you to become the very best version of YOU

This isn’t just philosophy to fill your brain. Along with cognitive concepts, it includes examples and practical exercises to allow you to add personal experience to the knowledge you’re gaining – thus expanding your knowledge into knowing. Following the exercises are very specific practices to allow you to build your mental, emotional and spiritual domains similar to how regular physical exercise builds muscle tone and mass.

Whether you truly desire to create a remarkable, wonderful lifestyle; or you’d just like to feel more peaceful about life – Upgrade Your Lifestyle: 10 Keys to Unlock a Steady State of Happiness is assured to offer you the keys to profound happiness that have eluded you. Complete the form here to receive a free download copy. Or, buy it on Amazon HERE.


Upgrade Your Lifestyle: 10 Keys to Unlock a Steady State of Happiness

A system for creating a fulfilling life of vibrance and meaning; and ending suffering. Examples, personal exercises and practices to encourage you to make small, incremental positive changes – Lifestyle Upgrades. Each of ten concepts is based on widely accepted truths, and will expand your life experience. Become unshackled from your past; and release all limitations that prevent you from becoming the finest expression of YOU.

Buy it on Amazon, or receive a free copy for immediate download by signing up here!