How would you respond?

Let’s say you were to contract a debilitating illness or physical capacity limitation as a result of an auto accident, stroke or other sudden event. How would you respond? Would you adopt the attitude of a victor or a victim?

Training for the Camino

I’m planning to walk a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2019. Actually, it was a rather spontaneous decision. Read more

Drama and Emotional Maturity

Drama as entertainment – Broadway shows, films, performances – is wonderful! But emotional drama is rarely pretty. Read more

Isn’t it Selfish?

Isn’t a focus on personal happiness incredibly surface and selfish? Read more

Personal Power

is about observing, rather than being emotionally triggered by everyday events.  Read more

unsplash-logoGabriel Matula

I feel…

If you’re not very attuned to feeling your feelings, and being able to name what you’re feeling in this moment, this Feelings Wheel may help you. Read more

Seven Rules

Seven rules to kick ass in life

Read more