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Life as Art

If your life were a painting, how would it look? Bold color, or shades of grey? A broad, sweeping landscape, or a micro focus on a small, simple item? Would it represent your past,  present, or  future?
Your life is a work of art. You are the sole artist.

Life presents you a blank canvas. You paint on that canvas whatever you choose. You select the subject. The colors. The textures. The hues. The lighting. Every aspect of your painting reflects your choices to date.

Every day Life presents you a choice.

You can continue adding details to the painting  you already started. Or today Life gives you the option to obtain a fresh, blank canvas on which you can begin painting anew.

If you don’t appreciate the painting that represents your life until today, YOU can begin today painting a masterwork.

YOU are the artist of your life. Regardless of the world around you – the challenges, the opportunities, the people – the qualities of your painting are solely your choice. The subject, the colors, the textures – it’s all YOU.

Today will you choose to continue filling out the details of your magnum opus? Or decide it’s not to your liking, and begin afresh?



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