Seven Rules

Seven rules to kick ass in life

  1. See failure as a beginning, not an end. There is more information in a failure than a success – but only when you reflect on the failure and extract every last drop of learning opportunity, to point you to a better way of achieving your goals. Babe Ruth was one of the greatest home run kings in the history of baseball, but he struck out far more times than he HR’d. The more you look for the positive aspects of any failure, the more that will appear. Failure is only devastating if you treat it as such; in which case you become the collateral victim of your failure.
  2. Make peace with your past. Release the regret, guilt and shame you carry. It will lighten your burden and free up energy to live life with more vibrancy.
  3. Habits decide your future. Act accordingly. Get rid of the habits that don’t serve you. Adopt healthy habits.
  4. If you don’t go after it, it won’t come to you. Create a vision for your future; determine the actions necessary to achieve it; and get crackin’.
  5. It’s easier to save money than earn it. You can spend $200 or $20 for a place to sleep when you’re traveling. If you save $10 it’s not only $10 that you get to keep, it’s $10 less that you need to earn. Does that make it $20 rather than $10?
  6. Avoid negative people. Energy vampires love to feed on the energy of others. Don’t get caught up in someone else’s drama (Or your own, either!)
  7. Never compare yourself to others. Greater than/less than is no more than stories you make up. It either demeans yourself or another.

Some of these are easy; others a bit more difficult. If you need some ideas for how to implement them and thereby increase your mojo, you might want to pickup a copy of my book, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: 10 Keys to Unlock a Steady State of Happiness.

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