Isn’t it Selfish?

Isn’t a focus on personal happiness incredibly surface and selfish? Read more

unsplash-logoRosie Kerr

Life as Art

If your life were a painting, how would it look? Read more

Personal Power

is about observing, rather than being emotionally triggered by everyday events.  Read more

unsplash-logoGabriel Matula

I feel…

If you’re not very attuned to feeling your feelings, and being able to name what you’re feeling in this moment, this Feelings Wheel may help you. Read more

Get outta town

I don’t know that I can add much to the message of that image. I snapped it while visiting a hotel at a beautiful beach. Yeah, traveling. Read more

Seven Rules

Seven rules to kick ass in life

Read more

Does it grow corn?

A shaman friend of mine has a great, useful expression for determining if something merits your attention: Does it grow corn?  Read more