Personal Power

is about observing, rather than being emotionally triggered by everyday events. 

Bruce Lee was one amazing man. In addition to being one of the world’s greatest kung fu fighters ever, he had a deep personal philosophy about life – developed over his years and years of training. This meme just scratches the surface.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

~ Buddhist concept

No one can escape pain – whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.

But suffering has to do with the meaning your give your pain. It’s the disempowering story you make up about it.

You don’t have to suffer. It’s an easily learned process to change your mind when disempowering thoughts arise about whatever pain you may be experiencing.

Bruce’s quote consists of two key concepts:

  1. Your personal power is expanded when you can observe what’s happening without going into emotional drama about it.
  2. Deep breathing is an important tool that any of us can learn to use to better manage our emotions and mitigate suffering.

If you have had enough drama in your life and you want to move to a higher place of inner peace, then one way is to detach from being emotionally triggered by what happens around you. What others say and do. The highway construction that delays your commute. Disagreements. Emotionally needy friends. Airport hassles. To name a few.

Developing emotional maturity isn’t automatic. It’s a learned process.

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