Isn’t it Selfish?

Isn’t a focus on personal happiness incredibly surface and selfish?

I’ve heard that question more than a few times. My response is always the same.

Happiness has never been my end goal. It turns out that happiness is a byproduct of the personal development work and passion about expressing my life’s purpose in so many different ways – that I’ve maintained over the last 20+ years. The beliefs and practices I’ve adopted that have shed no doubt at least forty tons of personal baggage, and given me access to the deeply hidden, most beautiful parts of myself that have been mine all along. But have been covered up by all the armor I spent years constructing around my heart.

So the personal development work I’ve done has had the effect of removing the armor plates and other insulation that hid the natural state of my heart:  Love, Joy, Abundance and Peace.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned – because that LJAP is at your core as well. And the more of us who are able to discard our armor and explore those wonderful gifts of the heart, the greater the benefit to all of creation.

So this isn’t just about cultivating happiness – though that’s a helluva nice byproduct! As you discard your defenses and cultivate greater self-esteem and self-love, that ripples out to each person you come in contact with. Your loved ones, your co-workers, your friends, even the barista in your favorite coffee shop will feel the difference in you; and be positively affected by that difference.

You only have one life. 

Why would you want to live it in any but the most amazing, outstanding way possible? 

Time to get movin’!  Let’s crush this lifetime!



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