I get periodic inspirations to write in this blog from multiple sources – from in-sights that just bubble up from within; from questions people ask me; from Facebook memes that show up in my feed; and from the next thing that happens today. I enjoy writing to inspire and encourage. And occasionally I get an AHA! from writing about that which seems to flow through rather than from me.

Anything you read about in this blog is treated in much greater detail in Upgrade Your Lifestyle: 10 Keys to Unlock a Steady State of Happiness. Rather than remind you of that in each individual post, it seems way easier to just make that statement here. My book is a comprehensive system to make small incremental upgrades in your way of being in the world; along with examples, exercises and practices. If you like what you read here, you’ll love the book!

If you don’t have your copy yet, why not? 

unsplash-logoGabriel Matula

I feel…

If you’re not very attuned to feeling your feelings, and being able to name what you’re feeling in this moment, this Feelings Wheel may help you.

Get outta town

I don’t know that I can add much to the message of that image. I snapped it while visiting a hotel at a beautiful beach. Yeah, traveling.

Seven Rules

Seven rules to kick ass in life

Does it grow corn?

A shaman friend of mine has a great, useful expression for determining if something merits your attention: Does it grow corn?